WV3C Programming “On Hold” as of December 2022

The West Virginia Center on Climate Change (“WV3C”) has been presenting educational programs on global warming and climate change science and policy in West Virginia since 2014.

WV3C’s Director Tom Rodd is retiring as of December 2022, and the WV3C Board is considering future options. WV3C program activity is currently “on hold.”

The WV3C and Friends of Blackwater recently collaborated on an updated scientific bibliography titled “A Web of Life and Livelihood on the Chopping Block” — on the impacts of climate change and global warming on the Allegheny Highlands. You can read and download this document here.

There are video recordings of past WV3C webinar programs posted on the WV3C YouTube Channel and past Facebook posts are at the West Virginia Center on Climate Change on Facebook

You can scroll down, and see web pages listed in the top menu, for more information (some of which may be outdated.) Thanks for your climate concern!