May 16 and July 27 programs successful — Register now for October 3 Hybrid Webinar hosted in Charleston!

You can see a video story about our May 27 “hybrid webinar” program on “Utility-Scale Solar” that we hosted in Morgantown at WV Center on Climate Change: The latest on solar | A program recording is available on the WV3C Youtube Channel. Our July 27 online-only webinar, “’Blue is the New Green’ – Labor Unions Tackle the Climate Crisis,” had three fabulous speakers! A recording is posted on the WV3C YouTube Channel.

Register now here for an upcoming Monday, October 3 hybrid webinar hosted in Charleston, WV, titled “2022 and the Climate Crisis — What Just Happened, and What’s Ahead?”

Scroll down for more information on the WV3C. For the latest on climate science and policy with a West Virginia focus, visit and follow the West Virginia Center on Climate Change on Facebook.  Thanks for your climate concern!

Thanks to the Appalachian Stewardship Foundation and the Dunn Foundation for making these programs possible.