WV3C Media Coverage and Publications

WV3C’s public educational programs generate extensive science-based West Virginia media coverage of the climate crisis. Some examples of this coverage are given below along with two WV3C publications geared to classroom science teachers in West Virginia.


Scientists, public discuss impact of climate change in W.Va. – 6/7/2014 – Rachel Molenda, Charleston Gazette

Conference eyes climate change – 6/9/2014 – Sarah Cooper, Elkins InterMountain

Climate change in Allegheny Highlands – 11/19/2014 – Corey McDonald, Daily Athanaeum

Group to present climate change report to state BOE – 1/13/2015 – Jessica Farrish, Register-Herald

Highlands conference seeks continued focus on climate change – 9/26/2015, Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail.

We need to manage the move to cut carbon emissions – 4/14/2017 – Tom Rodd, Charleston Gazette-Mail

WV can lead on climate change – 12/20/2017 – Tom Rodd, Gazette Opinion

Editorial: Is humanity safe? Effort must be put forth to combat devastating effects of climate change and energy issues – 10/17/2018 — Sierra Powers, Daily Athanaeum

Experts gather in Morgantown to discuss how to teach others about climate change – 12/2/2018 – Jordan Nelson, Register-Herald

How To Teach Climate Science In Coal Country And To Non-Believers – 12/2/18 – Ken Silverstein, Forbes

Manchin, Murkowski take lead on climate change – 3/24/19 – Thomas Rodd, Charleston Gazette Opinion

You have no choice but to care:’ In coal-centric WV, climate change discussion starting to grow – 9/14/19 – Kate Mishkin, Charleston Gazette-Mail

With climate change, a stark psychological toll looms – 9/21/19 – Kate Mishkin, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Kitchen Klimate Science Program is Educational, Fun – 11/23/2019 – Peggy MacKenzie, Mountain Messenger

Experts: Climate change means intense rain, heat. Here’s what that means for WV – 9/22/19 – Kate Mishkin, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Climate change threatens a giant of West Virginia’s landscape – 11/24/19, Kate Mishkin, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Logan Thorne: Fighting for fair transition from coal – 2/3/2020 Charleston Gazette-Mail


Photo of a Forest


The Impacts of Global Warming and Climate Change on the Mid-Atlantic Allegheny Highlands

Students participating in kitchen klimate science demo


Climate Science Teacher’s Manual. Learning resources successfully tested and enjoyed by hundreds of West Virginia students and teachers.