WV3C Media Coverage and Publications

WV3C’s educational programs have generated extensive media coverage, some of which is collected here.  This coverage is a valuable way to communicate with the general public and opinion leaders about the climate crisis and climate solutions.  WV3C has also created a number of publications that are used in community forums and classrooms across West Virginia and beyond; two of these are linked to here. Enjoy!


Scientists, public discuss impact of climate change in W.Va. – 6/7/2014 – Rachel Molenda, Charleston Gazette

Conference eyes climate change – 6/9/2014 – Sarah Cooper, Elkins InterMountain

Climate change in Allegheny Highlands – 11/19/2014 – Corey McDonald, Daily Athanaeum

Group to present climate change report to state BOE – 1/13/2015 – Jessica Farrish, Register-Herald

Highlands conference seeks continued focus on climate change – 9/26/2015, Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail.

We need to manage the move to cut carbon emissions – 4/14/2017 – Tom Rodd, Charleston Gazette-Mail

WV can lead on climate change – 12/20/2017 – Tom Rodd, Gazette Opinion

Editorial: Is humanity safe? Effort must be put forth to combat devastating effects of climate change and energy issues – 10/17/2018 — Sierra Powers, Daily Athanaeum

Experts gather in Morgantown to discuss how to teach others about climate change – 12/2/2018 – Jordan Nelson, Register-Herald

How To Teach Climate Science In Coal Country And To Non-Believers – 12/2/18 – Ken Silverstein, Forbes

Manchin, Murkowski take lead on climate change – 3/24/19 – Thomas Rodd, Charleston Gazette Opinion

You have no choice but to care:’ In coal-centric WV, climate change discussion starting to grow – 9/14/19 – Kate Mishkin, Charleston Gazette-Mail

With climate change, a stark psychological toll looms – 9/21/19 – Kate Mishkin, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Kitchen Klimate Science Program is Educational, Fun – 11/23/2019 – Peggy MacKenzie, Mountain Messenger

Experts: Climate change means intense rain, heat. Here’s what that means for WV – 9/22/19 – Kate Mishkin, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Climate change threatens a giant of West Virginia’s landscape – 11/24/19, Kate Mishkin, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Logan Thorne: Fighting for fair transition from coal – 2/3/2020 Charleston Gazette-Mail





This report, based on peer-reviewed science, explains the impacts of global warming and climate change on the Mid-Atlantic Allegheny Highlands.


This manual explains fun climate science activities, professionally created and tested, that have been enjoyed by thousands of students, teachers, and community members.