In light of recent coronavirus advisories, we are cancelling/postponing our planned April 2020 programs in Morgantown.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We are exploring webinar formats and ramping up our online outreach; we will resume live programs when the pandemic eases.   

ABOUT the West Virginia Center on Climate Change (“WV3C”):

The WV3C is a nonprofit organization based in Morgantown, West Virginia, helping West Virginians and their neighbors address the crisis of global warming and climate change.  You can get a good idea about our work from the media coverage that is collected at this page.

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We work in West Virginia and the surrounding region to help meet the challenge of global warming and the climate crisis.

WV3C programs emphasize impacts and issues that are most important to West Virginians, presented in non-confrontational opportunities for learning and dialogue. 

The West Virginia Center on Climate Change takes an “all of the above” position on climate solutions.  



The WV3C organizes live and online educational programs and media outreach that bring scientific and policy expertise about the climate crisis to West Virginians and our neighbors.

Our expert-led nonpartisan programs are based on peer-reviewed research and solid experience and scholarship. 

We partner with a diverse group of individuals, organizations, and institutions.


The WV3C Advisory Board are Emily Calandrelli; Rafe Pomerance; James Van Nostrand; Patrick McGinley; and Evan Hansen.  The WV3C Director is Logan Thorne;  Tom Rodd is the Project Supervisor. 

Scholars, professionals, and other experts provide advice and content for WV3C programs. The nonprofit conservation group Friends of Blackwater provides funding, oversight, and support services to the WV3C.  We welcome tax-deductible donations from individuals and foundations.