Upcoming Free, Live, Expert-led Global Webinar: 

“What Do We Tell The Kids, and What Are They Telling Us? — Generational Perspectives and the Climate Crisis.”

Thursday, October 22, 2020 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. USET

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The West Virginia Center on Climate Change (“WV3C”) is a project of the nonprofit organization Friends of Blackwater.  The WV3C carries out science-based education and dialogue programs to help West Virginians — and our friends and allies everywhere — to better understand and meet the challenge of global warming and the climate crisis.

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We have just posted the video and Powerpoint slides and references from our July 29 online webinar program on forest carbon storage.  The title of the program is “Who Speaks for the Trees? – How Forests that Store Carbon Can Save the Planet.”  Check it out!

Stay safe! We can do this! — from the WV3C team


We work in West Virginia and the surrounding region to help meet the challenge of global warming and the climate crisis.

Our programs emphasize climate impacts and issues that are most significant to West Virginians, presented in collaborative settings to maximize learning and dialogue. 

The West Virginia Center on Climate Change takes an “all of the above” position on climate solutions.  



The Center organizes expert-led educational programs bringing scientific and policy expertise to West Virginians in a wide range of public settings.

We employ traditional and new media strategies to increase public awareness of climate change impacts and solutions.

We engage with community partner organizations and individuals to amplify West Virginia climate change programs and resources.



Our team and Advisory Board offer decades of experience in the fields of climate change communication, energy law, environmental science, and business.

Scholars, professionals, and other experts provide guidance and content for all WV3C programs and initiatives. 

The nonprofit conservation group Friends of Blackwater provides funding, oversight, and support services to the WV3C. We welcome tax-deductible donations from individuals and foundations.