2020 EVENTs: APRIL 25th

“Bipartisan Climate Solutions and a Fair Energy Transition.”

Saturday, April 25 1:30-4:30 PM
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“Bipartisan Climate Solutions and a Fair Energy Transition.”

West Virginia is experiencing a wrenching economic and social transition, as the climate crisis drives the world toward new, low-carbon energy sources and technologies. What achievable, bipartisan policies, funding, and expenditures can help create a fair transition for the many West Virginia individuals and communities who are being affected by this process? 





LINDA LANCE, Senior Advisor, Partnership for Responsible Growth. Linda Lance has worked on legal and policy issues related to energy and the environment for most of her career. She spent 10 years at the Department of Justice handling federal litigation and served as Senior Counsel to the Senate Commerce Committee. During the Clinton administration she was a policy advisor to Vice President Gore and the White House science advisor and served as Associate Director of the Council on Environmental Quality. She also served as Vice President for Public Policy of The Wilderness Society. More recently she was Senior Counsel to the Senate Energy Committee, handling issues such as offshore oil development and response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. During the Obama administration she was Deputy Director of the Bureau of Land Management in the Department of the Interior, with responsibilities for management of millions of acres of multiple-use lands and minerals. She focused particularly on management of energy production on federal lands and played a leadership role in public listening sessions throughout the country on federal coal production.


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